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In this video LUDECA provides insights and instructions for solving various types of soft foot, demonstrating industry-leading techniques using laser alignment equipment.

“Excellent tutorial of what soft foot actually is…and 7-8 minute video is a home run for a primer course. I plan to use it for shop mechanics, but our Operations Managers would like to use it for their Field Service Technicians.” —Joe Voskuhl, Exterran

“I just watched the machine train alignment and soft foot videos, they are both excellent! I always try to tell our techs how important soft foot is but your video expresses what really happens and why it is so important to correct soft foot (a picture is worth a thousand words) .” —P.K., Trainer Pulp and Paper Industry (Company name withheld by request)

"If your mechanics are not identifying and correcting Soft Foot conditions, your alignment jobs are not as accurate as you think. You are still waisting energy and premature failures will be more prevelant. You get what you pay for, so get the best." —Marvin Williams, Potash Corp.