laser coupling alignment system

Solution Awards 2015

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2012 Product of the Year

—Dallon T., Motiva Enterprises

We have used the ROTALIGN ULTRA 5 times
in the past 2 weeks and I want you to know
how impressed I am with this machine.
It has saved both time and money. Thanks!
Jon Walsh, NIPSCO

We did our first alignment using the
ROTALIGN ULTRA, it worked great!
—Bill Heath, Naval Air Depot

We purchased three OPTALIGN PLUS laser alignment units at the start of a plant reliability program. These units were used in an effort to take our rotational equipment installations to a precision state. We grew in reliability and purchased two ROTALIGN ULTRA units. The LUDECA equipment is very durable and easily used in our chemical plant maintenance department. LUDECA has always been very helpful in obtaining upgrades and efficient in any repairs required to the precise laser alignment equipment. The equipment is very user friendly and has allowed maintenance to precisely install all rotational equipment. We have found the LUDECA equipment to be a standard tool in our maintenance department and compliments our Reliability Program efforts.
—D.W., Maintenance Reliability Engineer
Chemical Industry Manufacturing
Company name withheld by request


3D dimensions

Dimensions: 3D Machine Graphics

Color tolerance arrows

Results: Centerlines to scale, Color Tolerance Arrows


Move Simulator - See Animation


an intelligent system for machinery alignment —FeaturING SENSALIGN, an intelligent sensor for even greater precision and accuracy.

ROTALIGN ULTRA, wireless laser shaft alignment in
3 easy steps: enter machine dimensions, sweep shafts less than a quarter turn from any starting position and view results for coupling and feet graphically, to scale.


  • Patented automatic Continuous IntelliSWEEP mode - Start and stop at any position!
  • SENSALIGN sensors with built-in Bluetooth® technology
  • Built-in automatic TolChek® Tolerance Evaluation.
  • 'Soft Foot Wizard’ that not only measures your soft foot condition but analyzes it and suggests a solution!
  • Unique under- and over-constrained alignment centerline capabilities
  • Bolt-bound made easy! Any combination of fixed feet is possible, even just one!
  • Optimum Moves and Optimized Centerlines. Fully optimized centerlines with all feet to be moved the minimum possible.
  • 'Move Simulator' allows the user to simulate and experiment with different corrective solutions when the suggested corrections for perfect alignment are impractical or impossible.
  • Horizontal & Vertical ‘Live Move’ at any sensor position
  • New vertiSWEEP continuous vertical measurement mode (Advanced system only)
  • Thermal growth and target specification calculation. 
  • Machine train alignment of up to 14 machines (up to 6 machines for Standard system) complete with specified tolerances, targets, machine names and icons for each machine.
  • Customized template capabilities
  • Alignment of Spacer Shafts with Tolerances
  • Alignment of Cardan Shafts with Tolerances (requires optional cardan bracket)
  • Check vibration overall levels (Advanced system only)
  • Flip Machine & Rotate Views
  • Upgradable via memory stick.
  • “On-Screen” user guidance and full interactive help texts and menus.
  • Free PC Display Software for training of large group
  • Print PDF reports to memory stick.

arrow Order No. ALI 40.000 for Advanced system
arrow Order No. ALI 40.000-L for Standard system
Feature level varies depending on model, Advanced or Standard.

One day introductory training for up to 6 people at your facility is included with system or upgrade purchase (Continental U.S.A. only).

Powerful Options: 

Brochureshaft alignment videoreport


Upgrade option for ROTALIGN and ROTALIGN PRO

Upgrade option for ROTALIGN ULTRA (ALI 4.200 computer)

SENSALIGN upgrade for ROTALIGN ULTRA (ALI 4.202 computer)

Trade-in Program

For intrinsically safe system, see ROTALIGN SMART EX.

ROTALIGN ULTRA shaft alignment rental



Our shaft alignment systems feature the patented automatic CONTINUOUS SWEEP measurement mode which evaluates hundreds of readings during shaft rotation. This compares to
shooting a movie vs. only taking flash pictures at certain intervals. The end result is less shimming
and horizontal moves because you are measuring much more accurately.

Shaft alignment handbook










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