bearing heaters Industrial Bearing Heaters


INDUCTION BEARING HEATERS Weight of Workpiece Voltage
eddytherm® PoRTABLE Up to 22 lbs. 115V
eddytherm 2X Up to 176 lbs. 220V or 480V
eddytherm 4x Up to 660 lbs. 480V or 600V

Testing and Time Study Service
It is difficult to determine how long it takes to heat gears, impellers, couplings, bearings and other workpieces from ambient to the target temperature for proper shrink fitting. Theoretical calculations are not always reliable, since so many factors such as ID, OD, width, material, configuration of workpiece and weight come into play. We offer you the services of our induction heater lab to conduct tests on your samples. This will guarantee that you can duplicate achieved and documented results in your facilities with the recommended heater and selected crossbars.