Compressor Alignment

Photo courtesy of Compass Compression.


The OPTALIGN SMART and ROTALIGN ULTRA are the ultimate wireless laser systems for compressor alignment. Just enter machine dimensions, sweep shafts less than a quarter turn from any starting position and view results for coupling alignment and foot corrections graphically, to scale.
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Compressor Coupling Alignment Compressor Shaft Alignment

Compressor Frame and Foundation Measurement

It is important to ensure that the top cover mounting surface, machine sole plates and rails and main bearing "landings" of a compressor frame are installed as flat as possible. This ensures that the main bearing bores and internal components remain undistorted and aligned as per their factory specifications.  The LEVALIGN, LEVALIGN EXPERT and the INCLINEO systems are ideal for this task. These systems are specifically approved for use with Ariel ER-82 compressor installation specifications.
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Compressor Flatness Compressor Flatness

Compressor Crosshead Guides and Cylinders

Compressor crosshead guides and cylinder alignment checks are made easy and highly accurate with the CENTRALIGN ULTRA alignment system. CENTRALIGN’s patented pointer bracket system, in combination with the Multipoint measurement mode, allows for the system to precisely define the center of a circle. The great advantage of this approach is that the user is not limited to 90-degree clock positions for measurements. This results in superior accuracy in measuring crosshead guides or cylinders that have damaged sections.

Compressor Crosshead Guide Compressor Piston Cylinder

Compressor Main Bearing Bore Alignment

CENTRALIGN ULTRA helps ensure the alignment of your main bearing bores to the highest accuracy. CENTRALIGN’s patented pointer bracket system, in combination with the multipoint measurement method, allows for the averaging of points to define the center of a circle. This allows easy yet accurate measurement of full bores, half bores or even partial bores.  All results are displayed to show the overall alignment in the vertical and horizontal planes. The unique “differential view mode” will clearly display the position of each bore with respect to its adjacent bores, thereby ensuring that local and overall tolerances are achieved.

Compressor Main Bearing Bore Alignment Compressor Main Bearing Bore Alignment